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“Hot Coffee”… A Must See.

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

There is a program coming on HBO Monday June 27th at 9 p.m. that I think all MUST watch. It deals with the distorted reporting surrounding the famed “McDonalds’s Hot Coffee” case, where a woman filed suit after being seriously burned when the coffee spilled on her lap. The media made a joke out of it and misreported what actually happened, causing and allowing widespread mocking commentary about abuse of the legal system.

The program delivers the truth as to what really happened to the injured woman, how severely she was injured and what McDonalds had done and failed to do, that led to this injury. It is a warning to all of us that what we hear and read is often delivered to us by those whose interest is in distortion and manipulation of opinion, not the passing on of truth. It should make us all wary of those whose financial self interest and desire to remove the level playing field of our legal system, can so easily control and manipulate a belief that sound bite and headline is the actual story.

It provides a warning we all need to see and hear, so that we are aware we must protect our right and access to the truth from those whose desire is to tilt the playing field and the information from which we develop and act on our beliefs.

Andrew Rockman


Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman