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Nursing Homes Neglect – When Promises Are Broken

By admin

Friday, July 26th, 2013

We’re all getting older. As a country and individually. Our reality now has nursing homes as something those we love face in ever increasing numbers.

The increase in population of those facilities and the people who populate them tells us at least one thing. There is profit sought and made. With that profit comes responsibility.

It is not just round the clock custody, feeding, and sleeping facilities.

They are taking in people with real needs and real expectations. Their population is an aging one with expectable needs and recurring medical issues and risks. They are people often with reduced mobility, falling risks and bed sore problems built in to that immobility and time spent in bed.

While they might want to shield themselves by saying they can’t protect against these problems or be more aggressive or aware of the exposure you or your family member faces, the fact they seek to profit from offering to “care” for these people, tells us otherwise.

We’ve been looking into these problems for a long time and know the excuses offered and the truth to what these facilities can and should do, to actually give the “care” they promise.

If you or a love one has been victimized by an unkept nursing home promise, and been hurt by it, let us know. Our medical malpractice attorneys can talk about the details and see what can and should be done to provide the only thing the law can, after the injury has happened. Compensation, to the extent it can reduce the impact of what has been done to you or one you love.

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