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Granny Cam: Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facilities

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Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Should surveillance cameras be allowed in long term care facilities or nursing homes?  Opinions may vary but Doris Racher’s opinion is clear on this issue.  A recent NY Times article explains why.  Ms. Racher placed a motion-activated camera in her mother’s nursing home room and witnessed an aide stuff latex gloves into her mother’s mouth while another taunted her, tapping her on the head and laughing.  She then watched as an aide hoisted her mother from her wheelchair and flung her onto a bed while the other performed heavy handed compressions to her chest. Ms. Racher’s mother died soon after these events.

Although some states have established guidelines for electronic monitoring, most legislative efforts have stalled because of questions about liability and privacy rights.  Proponents of hidden cameras argue that the expectations of privacy have fallen throughout society, and families cannot be there to watch their loved ones 24 hours a day.  While opponents of the placement of these cameras, such as Gregg Crist who is a spokesman for an organization composed of nursing home facilites, argues that a trusting relationship should be established between the resident and the facility, and that granny cams do not help develop such a relationship.

Tell that to the family of a stroke victim in  Zanesville, Ohio where a camera caught the actions of an aide repeatedly leaving his meals by his incapacitated side but never making any effort to feed him.  Similar cases of nursing home abuse have been captured in other states by families who have placed granny cams in their loved one’s nursing home room.  For more information follow this link to the NY Times article “Watchful Eye In Nursing Homes”.  Should you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect please call me at 609-520-0900 for a free consultation.