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Nursing Home Abuse: Alzheimer’s Patient in Florida Tragedy Reinforces Need for Strict Nursing Home Supervision

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Friday, October 31st, 2014

Two certified nursing assistants at Florida nursing home are under arrest after they tormented and hit a 75-year-old Alzheimer’s Disease patient, according to Winter Haven police.  The alleged nursing home abuse was caught on camera.

Detectives say the patient’s son saw unusual bruises on his father’s arms and legs and decided to set up a hidden camera which revealed three specific incidents that happened over a timespan of three weeks.

These are the images of our nightmares; entrusting a loved one to another’s care only to find that trust has been violated and abuse has occurred.  It is imperative to know the warning signs of abuse.  Some red flags include:

Falls, fractures or head injuries
Bed sores (pressure ulcers)
Ligature marks around throat, mouth, wrists or ankles
Sudden changes in weight
Unusual or sudden changes in behavior
Soiling, poor hygiene, urine and feces odor

It is also very important to monitor your loved one’s treatment at the chosen facility on a regular basis, and immediately voice your concerns if you suspect any type of nursing home abuse, neglect or denial of your loved one’s rights. Studies show that family involvement increases the likelihood that a long-term care resident will receive quality care

In-room surveillance camera’s (like the ones used in the case above) may be another option.  For more information on “Granny Cams” please see our related blog:

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