New Jersey Offers Free Use of Micro-Surveillance Cameras to Monitor Nursing Home Treatment

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New Jersey Attorney General, Christopher Porrino, and the Division of Consumer Affairs announced recently that they are expanding their safe care cam program.  The program which was designed to protect those living in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, residences for the developmentally disabled and other care facilities will now allow individuals to borrow a micro-surveillance camera to keep a hidden eye on loved ones.  Prior to this ruling the cameras were only available for use in private home situations.

Residents who want to borrow a hidden camera should call 973-504-6375 and leave a message or call 800-242-5846. There is no requirement you provide evidence of abuse to obtain a camera.

In another initiative to improve patient safety, the state will no longer allow home health aide applicants to begin working in homes until the Board of Nursing reviews the results of criminal background checks.

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